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    Club '10' 28th June 2012

    Roger Iddles

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    Club '10' 28th June 2012 Empty Club '10' 28th June 2012

    Post  Roger Iddles on Mon Jul 02, 2012 10:33 am

    At long last managed to hold the event - just !

    Due to the downpour we had in the morning the finishing lane was flooded so could not use the scheduled 2 lap course. As we can use either course every week we decided to hold it on the one lap Six Ashes - Enville course. The was a road race also on this course at the same time but by delaying our start for 15 minutes enabled us to go ahead without any reported problems except for one young new rider who was directed of the TT course by the road race marshalls !

    Times recorded as follows:

    Chris Pedley 28.29
    Keith Green 29.27
    Nathan Moss D.N.F.
    James Jevons 26.38
    David Mole 28.04
    Robin Matthews 33.43
    Mark Hammond 25.58
    Scott O'Neil 26.53
    Jonathan Davies 31.18

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